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eVoiceSpot = Images + Music + Voice

Creating a powerful online presentation has never been easier. eVoiceSpot guides users through a series of intuitive steps, allowing you to create an audio slideshow complete with your own voice-over in minutes.

Use eVoiceSpot to:

  • Promote Your Business / Event
  • Make How-Tos
  • Create Family Presentations
  • Showcase Product Features
  • Sell eBay and Other Auction Items

...and other limitless possibilities

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  • eVoiceSpot combines a pan & zoom slideshow with your choice of background music, descriptive captions and a voice-over. eVoiceSpot can be considered an Internet eCommercial.

  • eVoiceSpots are an easy way to promote products, services, arts, music or just about anything on the Internet. With our share and post features you can use these video-like productions anywhere on the internet and in newsletters. Best of all is that you can do it yourself regardless of your experience. You are in charge of the creative process.

  • We offer a free version that is supported by advertising. The paid Premium eVoiceSpot has more features, does not have an ad at the beginning and gives you control of the Ending Page.

  • The eVoiceSpot Player is our custom interface used to present one or more eVoiceSpots from your account preview page or any website.

  • 1. Create an account
    2. Upload mages from your computer to your eVoiceSpot account.
    3. Speak into your computer’s microphone to create a voiceover narrative while watching the images cycle through your presentation.
    4. Select from our music library or add your own music. Just name the track find the file on your hard drive and click Upload. You are now ready to test your eVoiceSpot. It’s that easy. Edits can be made easily and at any time during or after creation and publishing. For more detailed instructions, please consult with eVoiceSpot Help files, located in the control panel.

  • No. eVoiceSpot is designed for all users ranging from beginners to experts. Once you are familiar with the basics you will find eVoiceSpot to be intuitive and easy.

  • If you choose to do voiceovers you will need a microphone. Many computers (especially laptops) have microphones built in. If not you can purchase a $10 microphone from Radio Shack or any computer store.

  • eVoiceSpot can be used with any system that is now connecting to the Internet. DSL, Cable and other high speed connections will optimize your experience but are not required. Microphone: Some systems have a built-in microphone, like laptops. If your system does not have a built in microphone you will need to acquire one. There are many types available online or in local computer retailers. Consult with sales for choosing the correct one for your system. Flash Player: You will need to have Version 9 or later for all the features of your eVoiceSpot to play in most popular browsers. For a free download of the latest version visit www.Adobe.com.

  • Browse – Every eVoiceSpot you create and all the images used for them are accessible from your eVoiceSpot Player.

    Profile Page – This is the page you customize with your banner, background and font colors. Custom profiles available, call today for more information. Share – We provide URLs and embed code for placing use on almost any website and newsletters.

  • eVoiceSpots can be shared in a variety of ways. * We provide your personalized profile page with a unique URL. * We also provide the code needed to embed the eVoiceSpot Player onto any webpage. * Through the "Share" option you can post your eVoiceSpot on many of the most popular blogs, social networking sites, and add to RSS feeds.